Get Your Eyes Ready for Competition!


Your uniform is fresh from the dry cleaners, the vest perfectly pressed. The creases on your skirt are on point and your hair ribbon is tied exactly how you want it. Your routine is running through your head over and over again.  You have spent every waking moment thinking about today. You are about to perform in your first varsity cheerleader competition. The only thing left to do is your makeup! How do you achieve a look that will WOW the judges without being too much?  It’s all about the eyes! Here’s how to get a look that the judges will see, without looking tacky!


  • Eye Shadow & Liner: Your eyeshadow should be visible, but not so overwhelming that you look like your face is on fire. Start by covering the eye lids from the lash line to slightly above the natural crease. Try to avoid colors similar to your uniform's colors. A solid contrast will bring out your eyes more instead of blending in with the rest of your look.  Make sure you don't apply extremely bright eyeshadow from your lash line to your brow line, especially in a single color - this look would be way too heavy!
  • Once you have applied the shadow, it’s time for liner! Using liquid eyeliner will give you a sleek, impactful look. Start at the inside of your upper lash line and draw as close to your lashes as you can. Flare your eyeliner pen out at the outside of your lashes, giving your eyes “wings.” Allow a minute or so for your liner to dry.
  • Glitter: We recommend getting a teammate to do the glitter for you because it can be hard to do by yourself. The glitter should be the loose kind, not in sticky, liquid form. By using a brush and some eyelash glue, you can get as much or as little glitter on your eyes as possible with better precision. Heads-up, make sure your liquid eyeliner is dry before you let her apply the glitter or you will end up looking like a fancy raccoon. Go ahead and lay down on your back, close your eyes and let your teammate work her magic. Light strokes at sharp angles is perfect application technique. If your teammate applies a little too much on your face, just take a damp cloth and blot it off.
  • The Rest of Your Face: Make sure the rest of your face is subtle. The judges can't really see your cheeks, so a bunch of blush is only going to make you look like a clown. Instead, keep it simple with a small amount of foundation and maybe just a hint of bronzer. Otherwise, leave the rest of the stuff at home.
  • Keeping it simple is the name of the game for you and your cheerleading squad. You want to stand out with a classy look, not be a tacky freak show. You have spent months getting ready for this competition, so spending just a few minutes thinking about how you want your eyes will go a long way into making this the best competition of your cheer career!

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