All cheerleaders will have different levels of gymnastics experience coming into their first days on a new squad. You may find that you are better at tumbling or stunts than some of the other members of your team, but perhaps some other people are more flexible than you. Flexibility, especially in your legs, is an essential element of a good cheerleader. As you reach a more advanced level, you might be asked to do the splits or perform more intense jumps that you need to be limber enough to complete safely. Luckily, anyone can increase their flexibility with a little hard work, and you can use a tool called the SplitFlex to aid in your stretching.

The SplitFlex is designed to safely and easily let you stretch your legs all the way up to 180 degrees. Its innovative design supports your back while you stretch, which allows you to progress more quickly and also reduces your risk of injury. Using the SplitFlex is simple. Sitting down with the back support behind you, you place your feet through the foot straps and adjust your legs to a comfortable position. You then pull on the rope handles while you lean forward, which gives you the amount of stretch you desire. You are in control of the stretch at all times using the handles, so you can push yourself without going too far. You can watch a video of the SplitFlex in action here:http://www.splitflex.com/using.asp

Made of Aircraft Aluminum and weighing just 3.5 pounds, the SplitFlex can easily be transported with you wherever you know you will need to stretch before practicing or competing. It's completely washable, and the metal portions of the product are fitted with a high-quality foam material, which is great for gripping. The SplitFlex is available in several color combinations, including black, red, blue, and purple. While its craftsmanship is unlikely to cause any problems, it also comes with a one-year limited warranty.

In addition to cheerleading, the SplitFlex can be great to help you get into shape for any sport that requires flexible legs. Some of the other examples listed on the company's website include martial arts, gymnastics, yoga, and soccer. According to a user testimonial on the SplitFlex site, "Since using the Split Flex, the range of motion in my hips has almost doubled. I can now, whilst sitting with both feet together and legs fully extended, place the palms of my hands against the soles of my feet. I am eagerly awaiting my next session with the Split Flex, and passing the threshold into 180 degree stretching. This is undoubtedly the future of flexibility training!"

To find out more about the SplitFlex and order one for yourself, visit http://www.splitflex.com/home.asp