Innovative topical hand cream will stop your hands from perspiring when you need to avoid sweaty palms.

Before you head out onto the floor to do your cheer routine at a game or competition, you need to make sure you are in top form. Unfortunately, with pre-game jitters can come the tendency to sweat in the most inconvenient places. While a good antiperspirant should keep away potential embarrassment, if you have sweaty palms while cheerleading, it can actually be dangerous. After all, no one wants to be the base who accidentally loses their grip because of slippery hands. Tite-Grip is an innovative product that has become very popular among all kinds of athletes, but especially cheerleaders. Apply just a little of this topical cream to your palms, and your hands will stay bone dry.

Invented by Joe Ginger, a former PGA golfer, Tite-Grip is a patented hand cream that acts like an antiperspirant when applied to your palms. Ginger originally came up with the product to improve his golf grip, but he quickly found that the cream had applications in several athletic activities. Tite-Grip actually first gained notoriety because it was popular among pole dancers, who found that it made their jobs much easier. Marketing the product to this crowd, it was able to gain enough traction for Ginger to get his first corporate sponsorships and endorsements.

The unique formula behind Tite-Grip is a well-guarded secret, but using it is quite simple. Just apply a little to your hands about 30-60 minutes before beginning your activity, rub your hands together until the cream has all been absorbed, and you will notice results for the next 4-6 hours. Tite-Grip draws the moisture out of your hands. For a short period, they will be slightly sticky, but after a few minutes, they will become dry--and that's how they'll stay until the product eventually wears off. Tite-Grip gives you the advantages of talcum powder or gymnast chalk, but it isn't messy at all. Instead, you will quickly forget you ever put anything on your hands, apart from smelling Tite-Grip's pleasant lavender scent.

Tite-Grip has been endorsed by professional aerialists and is a well-respected aid for weight lifting, yoga, baseball, bowling, skiing and tennis in addition to cheerleading. Whether you are a flyer worried about losing your grip in the middle of a stunt or a base who wants to keep a solid grip on another member of your squad, Tite-Grip might be just what you need.

Both the original formula and the slightly modified Tite-Grip II (which markets itself as being creamier and easier to apply) are available from the Tite-Grip website:http://www.tite-grip.com/buynow.html