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Watch the MINI 1 SPARKLE STARS from Raleigh as they perform at Myrtle Beach!

Audrey, age 6, tumbles across front starting from the left if looking at screen and 2nd to last tumbler starting from back right corner doing back extension roll and is off center left doing the sc

Athletic Championships - 2011 St Louis Level 1 Grand Champion

Sonics 1st at Winterfest 2012
1st at State 2012
6th at Nationals 2012

Hub City All Stars Mini Team at Cheer Tech Bama Bash, 10 Feb 08, 5th place out of 12. Good Job Girls!

Here is her preforming her Indv Routine for the CTR Tigers at the Spa City Classic!

Reach the Beach 2010 National Gymnastics Championship in Ocean City, Maryland April 9th 2010. Age 6 years old

This is a video of Kayla Bowen's 1st place performance.