5 years ago
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Get that BIG TEXAS CHEER HAIR with this easy hair tutorial! Includes STEP BY STEP instructions so you can follow right along! Also this video is not only meant for girls with long hair...if you have enough hair to hang down from a hair tie you can make it work!
When we first got into the competitive cheer world, I was stressing trying to get my daughters hair and makeup to look right. Im sure all the cheer moms of the world can relate.  Its done a completely different way then any normal style we are used to as well as the makeup, which is one reason why I think a lot struggle with it!

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***The makeup tutorial is coming in the next day or 2, so be watching out for that one! I had to split them up, since I went into the little details it takes to achieve this particular style...yes it is a little longer then most of my tutorials, but hopefully by not skipping out on those details, will make it so much easier for you to follow along & re create!
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