How To Make The Cheer Team! | Tryout Tips & Advice

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Tips & Advice for cheer tryouts to make the team!
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first of all: disclaimer: the title is not meant to sound vain or anything, it's just what I thought people would type into google if they need help with tryout advice, haha!
Also, I know this is not a typical video to do, but just incase anyone was thinking of trying cheerleading or already is a you go! :)
ALSO! If you have not yet seen the most popular Cheer Tryout Video on YouTube, make sure you watch it right here (it talks about super important stuff that we didn't mention!): and It was made by one of our best friends Jeanine.....and make sure to subscribe to her of course, but I'm sure you already did once you saw how awesome her video was!! We were so excited because we were going to film this video with her, but we ran out of time because she had to go back to Texas.


I really hope you enjoyed the video (it has been my most requested on for a while).
So here are the steps to that we think you should take when trying out for your high school, college, or allstar cheer squad / team.
Tip #1: Start a sprint routine! So for this, try picking three days a week where you run do the following (this really helped me!): sprint for 60 seconds, then walk for 60 seconds for 10 minutes. Then take a 5 minute break a do it one more time!
Tip #2: Take these two or three months before tryouts to learn the skill that is considered a step above what you have. Make sure you go back to basics and perfect all the little things first!
Tip #3: Get a buddy who is on the team! They can help you prepare for what workouts are like once your on the team, what skills you will have to use a lot...and help you feel more confident about going into tryouts!
Tip #4 Know all the terminology of the skills, even if you don't have that skill yet. This will help when it's time to actually learn it, because you will know what to expect.
Tip #5: Nourish yourself properly! Try to drink a litre or two of water a few hours before practice or tryouts (if they are early in the morning, try to drink up the night before) It's so important!! And eat healthy, foods that are close to nature and give you lots of energy to build muscle! ..................................................................

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