Warning hard to watch... 9/11

from Lynzie
7 years ago
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Yesterday my 9th grade English teacher told us about his experience of 9/11. He told us things that happened that no one ever talks about of what happened that day. I never knew of how many people who jumped out the towers because they didn't want to burn to death… he gave us a poem that basically stated of the people in the towers joining hand and hand and jumping out of the tower because they didn't want to die alone. I never knew that, it was so horrible watching the videos on YouTube, just hearing people screaming. Some of the New Yorkers who video tapped this tragedy zoomed up on the people in the tower swinging their shirts around in the window signaling for help, you could see people piling up on each other out the window to get fresh air.
One video my teacher showed us was of someone trying to slide down the tower in between a window and he slipped and then caught himself, but then fell and you could see the person trying to grasp onto something, but couldn't...
My teacher told us of the first known body they found. It was a chief fire fighter who was running toward the tower, but then a person falling out of the tower fell right on top of him and he died instantly from the impact.
I am so glad my English teacher told us his known stories about 9/11. I never knew any of these things until he told us.
I believe there should be more movies and books about 9/11 so my generation and younger generation will know of this horrible tragedy in our history.
And yes I know some people won't agree with me because it'd be disrespectful for the families who lost someone from 9/11, but I think that my generation needs to know about this part in our history.

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